Multi-Cultural Macrame

When I first fell in love with macrame I was in Sayulita, Mexico.  I find the style of Central and South American macrame intoxicating.  It was my first inspiration in knotting and continues to be my favorite style to wear.

Working on collecting images for this website has opened my eyes to the amazing variety and styles of macrame in America.  But what about the Latino Macrame movement?  And, if you don’t know about it, believe me there IS a movement.  There are great, free online tutorials and groups of artists sharing work, ideas and techniques.

Problem:  I don’t read or speak Spanish…yet.

Solution:  Raquel.

Raquel has connections to many Latino macrame artists.  Being bilingual, she can translate interviews, tutorials and news about this movement.  She is a macrame artist herself.  She found Merlina who will be featured as  her first interview.  Welcome Raquel and Merlina…enjoy!

Here’s  a sneak peek at my favorite of Merlina’s work:

Alice in Wonderland



This Is Macrame

As I write the title I can’t help but wonder it should end with a question mark or exclamation point.

If you have looked around this site and asked yourself, “This is macrame?”  then you know what I mean.  And if you have looked around the site and said, “This is macrame!”  you also know what I mean.

Who am I?

I’m Soul Candy, macrame addict, admirer, explorer, knotter.  Welcome to my addiction.