Meet Bernadette Mahfood

What a treat to be able to introduce you to Bernadette Mahfood’s work.  I’ve been looking at her work online for some time now and recently was able to see two of her pieces in the Land By Hand exhibit sponsored by the Minnesota Textile Center.

Bernadette learned to appreciate her hand skills from her maternal Grandmother who taught her to knit and crochet.  As a girl scout she became fascinated with basket weaving.  After teaching herself macrame in the late sixties and early seventies she ended up teaching macrame to a group of young women in a mountain village in NW Tunisia for almost two years.  The textile work in Tunisia and Africa in general still inspires her.  After returning to the USA she studies jewelry design and began using African trade beads in her designs.  In 1987 she began making her own glass beads and since 2001 has incorporated her beads in macrame in more intricate designs.


Crop Circles III

Crop Circles V












Medallion, Violet

Medallion, Beige



















My most recent series are the semi-serious Neo-tribal pieces as Land Ethic experiences continue to inspire me:

Crop Circles and Medallions; and totally fun pieces inspired by fruits and vegetables:  Watermelon, Purple Kiwi and Small Kiwi

These series will be ongoing as the impulse hits me.

To find out more visit:

Small Kiwi

Watermelon 1

Workshop Coming to Textile Center Minneapolis

It’s Knot Macrame Anymore: Basic Macrame for Jewelry
Friday & Saturday June 29 & 30, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We won’t make a jute plant hanger or an owl in this class. Macrame or knotting has come of age and become a sophisticated jewelry technique. Learn two basic knots, square knot and double half-hitch, and practice knotting with a variety of colors using bonded nylon cords. Using the two basic knots, participants will make a small fiber brooch in class. Bernadette Mahfood’s work can be seen in the “Land By Hand” exhibition in the Joan Mondale Gallery June 1 – July 7, 2012.
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Instructor: Bernadette Mahfood
$173/$150 Textile Center Members

To register go to: