Made by Martin and Ugne

I immediately fell in love with the combination of silver and fiber in the jewelry of Martin and Ugne from ARUMIdesign.  I am please to introduce you all to their work.  

We, Martin (Spain) & Ugne (Lithuania), are a couple of artisans sharing life and work, dreams and ideas. Our workshop holds two very different materials – metal and fiber – silversmithing and macrame. We are learning everyday from each other and together and little by little creating ARUMIdesign.

We love colors and we use a big range of them in our works. Playing with color combinations we created our RAINBOW collection. It´s pure textil, no stones or beads and in our opinion it´s wonderful just like that. Combinating colorful knotted triangles in different shapes we managed to create interesting designs like Rainbow Spiral pendant or Rainbow necklace, something we never saw before and we feel proud of.






Why do you make jewelry?

Because we really enjoy this work, we love it and never get bored of it (only if we have to reproduce 18 pairs of earrings for an order…). As well being artisans who work for ourselves gives us lots of freedom to travel and this is very important in our lives.

Why do you choose the shapes and stones and style for your work?

We just make things as we would like to wear. We are still learning and looking for new techniques, so our works are quite different from each other, we love creating new designs.

We have a passion for gemstones, every time we take one we think how it would stand out better.

Sometimes we imagine a design and try to make it, sometimes we just take threads and start knotting and looking where it goes…










Who taught you knotting? Well, at the end of 2008 we met a Chilean guy selling macramé jewelry in Rio de Janeiro and he taught us how to do a basic bracelet, the one with half rhombus. When we were in the middle of the process, the police came and everybody ran away, so Martin saw himself alone with a half bracelet done attached to a palm tree in Ipanema beach. That was the only lesson we had (actually two: run if you see a Brazilian police coming to you).

Traveling in South America we saw so much macrame jewelry that we just had to try learning some macrame. There was no teacher, just a lot of hours trying to imagine how some knots where done until we managed doing them. Our inspiration was coming from the street sellers, but never reproducing their pieces, just looking to different knots and making our own designs. When we got more experienced sometimes we would exchange different knots with other macramé lovers. One year later we where absolutely in love with this beautiful technique, and we make it our way of life and our full time job.











What cord do you prefer and why? We use Linhasita cord, waxed polyester thread. In fact we don’t like the idea of using synthetics in a handmade work, but we couldn’t find another option for our designs.

Do you teach? Only some friends or friendly people we meet while selling, just for fun.

Do you exhibit?  We exhibit in street markets in Andalucía, south Spain, and sometimes we even sell. During the summer we have a stand in Nerja (Malaga) handicraft night market. You are all welcome next year!

What books have influenced your work? We have never seen or red a book about macrame… but we did read other books.

Tell us about the artists you most admire.

Actually until we found we didn’t have any example to follow. In south of Spain it’s not very usual to see macrame artists. Speaking about macrame jewelry, we like very much the style and designs of Karen Smith, the technique of Marion Hunziker-Larsen and to complete the podium Joan Babcock with her amazing combinations of colors, all of them great artists.

If you were not a knotting artist, what would you be? Jeweler, in fact we are learning silversmithing… Before we had very different jobs, nothing to do with art or handicrafts.

What does your future hold? After Martin studied jewelry two years ago, we are mixing silver with macramé so we hope our future goes in this line. We would love to have the chance of working only in our unique designs connecting macramé with silver, bronze, leather or other materials, always open to learn. Our dream is to work from our home and sell online, to the shops or in expositions but we think this dream is still a little far away.














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