Here is a feast for your eyes of images taken from my trip to California in May, 2013.  I was awarded a Career Development Grant from the McKnight Foundation and Region 2 Arts Council of Minnesota which enabled me to travel to Eureka, CA and Los Angeles, CA for a mentorship with Norman Sherfield and to meet the L.A. Knotters.  I learned techniques for fiber sculpture while there specifically knotted sculpture.  I worked closely with Norman and was lucky to spend a few days working with Leah Danberg as well.

Enough said, let’s look photos!  Here is a brochure featuring knotted sculpture from the LA Knotters.

And here are photos of the wonderful day I spent with this group who have been knotting together for over 20 years. 

Gerri McMillin, Norman Sherfield, Merrill Morrison and Leah Danberg - Knotters I really admire!

While there I managed to see some sights and work on this piece –






It was the chance of a lifetime to work with some of the only fiber sculptors working in knotting.  I am more committed than ever to this art form and invite anyone who would like to learn these techniques to contact me at and we will work to form groups around the world to learn this amazing art form.

More exciting news!!!  Video tutorials teaching fiber sculpture techniques are coming soon to  There is no other resource online or in any books that I am aware of that teach these techniques.  Each video will teach a technique you can use to create your own knotted sculptures!  They will be $5 each.  Stay tuned as this will be coming soon and is amazing, exciting news!

Here are more photos from the L. A. Knotters to inspire you.