Al Canner’s New Work

Retirement is surely well spent for Al Canner as he is making incredible new knotted works and we are lucky to get to see them!  You have seen his work on my blog before.  Here are his latest works.  You can see all of his work and find out more by visiting

Three Pears by Al Canner

Three Pears (2) Three Pears, arranged (2) Three Pears, first pear, second view-1 (2) Three Pears, second pear, second view (2) Three Pears, third pear (2)



























And his latest Enwrapped by Al Canner

Enwrapped, detail 3 (2) Enwrapped, lower portion (2)Enwrapped, 15 x 18 x 2.25 inches (2) Enwrapped, side view (2) Enwrapped, upper portion (2)