Finally, a Resource to Learn Sculptural Knotting Techniques

For years I’ve been searching books and the internet in search of resources to learn how to create knotted sculptures.  But I never found anything.   I wanted to knot in 3D!  So I went to California to learn from knotters who know these techniques.

I left CA feeling the privilege and responsibility of preserving and promoting the techniques of sculptural knotting.  It seemed to me that if I didn’t do it, who would?   So I not only learned these techniques, but also recorded them  on video.

And now they are now available to everyone at

The teacher in the videos is Norman Sherfield.  Norman has been knotting for over 30 years and was a fabulous teacher.  You can see examples of his work on the below.


There are 4 videos so far. I recommend watching them in order as videos begin at a beginner level and advance to intermediate level.

In the first video Technique for Starting a Knotted Sculpture you will learn circular knotting techniques that allow you to start knotting around objects.








The second video Technique for Attaching Knotting to an Object teaches you how to attach your knotting to an object.








Technique for Creating a Tubular Knotted Core is the first video in the 2nd series.  In this video you will be knotting through a found object, beginning with an inside-out tubular core.








And finally in the last video (so far – there’s more coming!) Technique for Creating & Expanding a Knotted Core Through an Object you will be attaching the inside of a tubular core to an object.








That’s it!  I’m immensely proud of this project and invite you to discover even more possibilities of knotting!


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