Meet Alex Luna

There is nothing I love more than waking up to find an email from an macrame artist, especially when it contains photos like these from Alex Luna.  tumblr_nguqkkgOg31ruermjo5_1280
“Art invites us to capture the teachings that nature, animals, life, the sun
and our every day have to offer. Macramé invites us to meditate and build
roots within our Soul. Our Human Nature finds itself far from everyday life,
when in truth we need it amidst our shadows, helping us receive the energies
of the waters that lie before us, from the tree that stands to our right,
and from the sky above. I weave to understand myself and I share the result
of this understanding everywhere I find myself…”

Alex Luna


I asked Alex to tell us about himself and here is what he had to say –

I´m Alex.  I was born in Mexico City and am 25 years old. I’ve been making macramé since 6 years ago and have a degree in graphic design. in UAM-Xochimilco.   I used to travel across the country to learn about macramé. The first time that I saw a bracelet in macramé was in Xilitla seven years ago. I remember the knots which I fell in love with. During the process of making my first sculpture I learned a lot. But I wanted the piece to have more concept. My teachers and friends who have been working in the process helped me see the things that I could create. Today I continue making sculptures and jewelry pieces and am living in Oaxaca De Juarez.

 You may contact Alex at:








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