The greatest joy of Macrame Collective has been the opportunity to connect with other artists. I was recently contacted by Jeanne Wertman who shared pictures of her impressive necklaces. Once again, I’m proud to introduce you to the work of another macrame artist.
Meet Jeanne Wertman:

Ever since I was very young, my hands have been busy with one craft or another. In the late 60’s it was the macrame pot hangers, and wall decorations…then I left the world of macrame and filled my time with learning other crafts, including tatting, which by the way is nothing more than macrame with a very tiny thin thread rather than cord, and done with a shuttle. The knots are the same. I spent many years learning, and then teaching machine knitting, until I finally came back to one of my first loves of beading, and macrame.

With the “new” idea of micro macrame, I could combine the two. Something I see usually gets me started on a new piece of jewelry…some focal, whether it be ceramic, a cabochon, or lately something made of polymer clay which I am now designing and making. I never really put anything down on paper, but I have a general idea of what I want, and it just kind of happens…although this way of doing it involves undoing many of a knot, and that takes more time than tying them.

I will be 84 years old this year, and I firmly believe my interest in hand work has pulled me through two bouts of cancer, giving me something to think about rather than what I was going through.

Happy knotting to everyone, Jeanne Wertman

To see more of her work, visit

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    • THank you. If you have interest to buy work from an artist, please tell me which artist and I can put you and the artist in contact with one another.

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