Marion Jewels in Fiber

For years I carefully looked at the online pictures of Marion Hunziker-Larsen’s jewelry.

Occasionally I emailed her with questions about cord. She always responded promptly with useful information and resources.
In 2010 I invited her to come to my hometown and do some workshops which she agreed to do. It was a great pleasure to attend her workshops and to develop a friendship. She has been very supportive of my macrame journey and very generous with her knowledge. One of my favorite memories is sitting at my dining room table after a walk through the woods learning free form macrame techniques at her side. I am forever grateful for that.

Please meet Marion Hunziker-Larsen of Marion Jewels in Fiber:
Jewels in fiber, a collection of neckpieces, amulets, brooches and earrings is best described as a blend of fiber techniques and jewelry technology. Although trained as a silversmith, Marion’s love of fiber led her to the making of jewelry with thread and gemstones.

Marion combines micro macrame, cavandoli knotting, half hitching, kumihimo, braiding and cordmaking of silk and nylon threads, using as many as 500 knots per square inch. In some of her pieces copper wire armatures serve as structural support for the thread, permitting semiprecious gemstones, fossils or crystals to be set in the pieces. Her handmade fabricated sterling silver clasps add to many of her one of a kind pieces.

Many pieces in her collection are designed using semiprecious gemstones shaped as donuts, rectangles or squares and beads with the knotting of fine silk thread and durable nylon thread , cordmaking and kumihimo braiding. While some of her pieces are one of a kind, labor of love involving many hours of design and execution. Others may have just five to ten knots, a zen statement, distilled to its essence like a haiku, yet still containing her signature.

Marion is personally involved in the various aspects of her work. She designs and execute all her pieces including some of the dying of the silk threads.

She selects and purchases personally all the elements included in her work such as beads and semiprecious gemstones donuts or shapes. Some of the gemstone shapes used in her work are designed by her and cut to her specifications. Her studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area. There she has two separate work areas, one for fiberwork, the other one for metalsmithing. Each piece is handmade by Marion with individual care and attention!

Marion’s 2012 Show Calendar
February 24-26 – Stitches West 2012, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. Booth 1131. Showing jewelry, supplies, kits and new items. Friday & Sat 10 – 6. Sunday 10 – 4.

March 10-11 – Contemporary Craft Market, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA. tentative schedule

April 21 – Bead Society of Northern California Bead Bazaar, Oakland Marriott Convention Center, Oakland, CA.
April 28-29 – Walnut Creek Fine Arts Festival, Downtown Walnut Creek, CA. tentative schedule
Booth Corner of Cypress & Locust.

May 18-19-20 – CNCH – Fiber Artisans Conference – Marketplace. Oakland Marriott Convention Center, Oakland, CA.

June 22-23-24 - Montclair Village Art Festival, Montclair District, Oakland CA. tentative schedule

July 14-15- Los Altos Art & Wine Fair, Los Altos, CA. tentative schedule
July 18-22 – Convergence 2012 Long Beach, Handweavers Guild of America, Long Beach Convention Center, CA. tentative schedule

September 8-9 – Capitola Art & Wine Festival, Capitola by the Sea, CA. Booth 43 on the Esplanade. tentative schedule

October 11-12-13-14 – Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Parkway. Santa Clara, CA. Showing finished jewelry and DIY supplies
October 20-21 – Menlo Park Fine Art & Craft Festival, Menlo Park CA. tentative schedule

November 2 – Crown Knotting & Fiber Endings Workshop – BABE 2010 – Bay Area Bead Extravaganza. Oakland Convention Center, CA.
November 3-4 – BABE 2010 – Bay Area Bead Extravaganza. Oakland Convention Center, CA. Showing finished jewelry and DIY supplies.

November 9-10-11 – Celebration Craftswomen. Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA. tentative schedule

For More Information, go to Marion’s website:

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  1. Hola, Admiro tus obras, son espectaculares, también hago algo de macramé mi me encantaría saber si puedes guiarme en el engaste que haces a las piedras doble. Gracias , Bendiciones!!

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