More Knotted Baskets from J. Anthony Stubblefield

My challenge is to maintain a sense of tradition and craftsmanship in my baskets in a world that is fast paced and often disposable. I find beauty in the details; I want edges that are crisp not sharp, materials that are delicate yet strong and lines that are subtle and graceful. I not only teach basketry, but also continue to take classes myself. Both force me to try new ideas and techniques and constantly question my work. Over the years my baskets have become more refined and finished, not so much as my skills have improved, but as my ideas have changed as to what a great basket should be.
- J. Anthony Stubblefield


Waxed Linen Knotted Basket     4.5″


I completed this basket in the shortest amount of time of all the knotted baskets I have made and yes it is the smallest. Unfortunately in this photo you can’t see the dark green and navy that spiral toward the top of the basket. Like the other knotted baskets I have make I keep it under a glass dome. Dust is the worst enemy to fibers.






Waxed Linen Basket 15.5”


This is the last knotted basket that I have completed and the largest to date. The fringe around the neck of this basket is formed by the unwaxed ends of the lengths of cords. Like a some of my other knotted baskets this one took me a nearly ten years to complete.

2 thoughts on “More Knotted Baskets from J. Anthony Stubblefield

  1. The waxed linen baskets are wonderful. Are they for sale and could you advise the prices please.

    Thank you

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