Welcome Leah Danberg

Connections with macrame artists was one of the primary reasons for creating this website. Imagine my joy to have new artists contacting me regularly and blowing my mind with their work.
Leah Danberg is one of those artists.

Meet Leah Danberg:
I have been a fiber artist and basket maker since 1984. I was drawn to knotting as a favorite technique for the flexibility it gives me to create sculptural forms, though in a very labor intensive way. Like so many of today’s knotters, I learned my knotting basics from Jane Sauer, but my use of color, humor, and text are all my own. The knot I use is just a half hitch, although it takes an incredible number of them of them to complete a single piece. I work with waxed linen and embroidery floss over a Styrofoam form that I carve; usually the form stays in the finished piece. I tend to work intuitively, so about the only thing I draw out is the shape of the form, deciding on the colors, patterns, and even the placement of text as I work.

Since I really enjoy problem solving and engineering challenges, I try to do something new in each piece. My whimsical menagerie has grown quite large as my work continually evolves. The pieces have gotten larger and the animals more complex and more toy-like. As my latest challenge, I have included children interacting with the animals.

Basketry provides me with a great creative outlet, and at the same time has introduced me to a whole community of wonderful, warm, artistic people I would never have known otherwise. I’m part of an informal group of knotters, sometimes referred to as “the L.A. knotters.” We get together every three weeks to work on our individual projects and to talk; we talk about our artwork, our lives, and the world. For the last number of years we make collaborative pieces that we donate to for a local charity’s fundraiser. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Leah Danberg

  1. I’m in Tucson. No one knows what knotting is. I have taught the basics to a few people, but since no one knows what it is, it’s hard to get people to come. I have been in juried student shows and won two awards last spring for my work. Do you have any suggestions for educating people about knotting?

  2. I am a great fan of your work. I just saw your astonishing basketry at the Santa Monica Contemporary Crafts show. I make some baskets, but nothing as elaborate as your baskets. Are you teaching anywhere in L.A. or Orange County? I would love to learn from you.

    • Yes, she is fantastic. I was lucky to be able to knot with her recently and enjoyed my time with her and learned so much! She does not teach workshops at present but if you would like to work with her I suggest contacting her personally to see if she will teach one on one.

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