Cavandoli Workshop May 5-6, 2012


Cavandoli Knotting Workshop with Marion Hunziker-Larsen

  • May 5-6, 2012
    Bemidji, Minnesota
    Registration for two day workshop is $80
    Please contact me for registration information  –


Cavandoli 2.0 Workshop Description

Cavandoli is a knotting technique in which double half hitches are knotted in a continuous fashion, with no loose thread or spaces between the knots creating a woven-like tapestry. Traditionally two colors are used and patterns are created by alternating horizontal and vertical double half hitches.

Cavandoli 2.0 will take you beyond these limitations. A series of techniques will be explored to work beyond the two color limitation and to provide you with tools for color control.

With the use of wire armatures, vertical, horizontal and reverse double half hitches, we will create modules like textile pieces. Texture and relief will be explored. The pieces we will create will be planned and structured; they will prepare to make free-form pieces.

These modules will become the focus pieces for a beaded opera length infinity neckpiece with no clasp, or a cartouche medallion.

The class project will be available in several color schemes, so you will be able to choose and add your own color variations. Keep in mind that Cavandoli is a slow process with lots of knots per square inch, so the projects will most likely not be finished in class. In the meantime, practice your double half hitches. It will make all the difference!











Marion Hunziker-Larsen got caught in the Macrame Craze of the 70’s when she came to California from Geneva, Switzerland. Right away she scaled her work to finer levels making jewelry and what is called nowadays micro macrame. Her work include fiber techniques such as micro macrame, Cavandoli knotting, cord making, kumihimo braiding, crown knotting, and crochet. She has pioneered many techniques and approaches to jewelry making with fiber techniques. Most of her work is done with fine cords of heirloom quality, such as bonded nylon cord and various silks. In addition, as a color consultant for C-Lon, she has helped making the C-lon Bead Cord collection the most extensive color collection of bonded nylon available.


This workshop is made possible with funding from the

Region 2 Arts Council.


In kind donations from

Caravan Beads


Macrame Collective




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