Meet Lois Hartwig

Artist’s Statement


While I enjoy other media, fiber has always held a certain fascination.  I’m drawn to fiber, skilled with it, and can pick up a few threads, think about the possibilities, intuitively resolve technical and aesthetic issues, and enjoy the process of experimentation.Inspiration comes from nowhere and everywhere, arousing responses and providing opportunities to explore technique and imagery in a variety of methodologies, sometimes incorporating found objects.

 There is an architectural quality to the knotted constructions and expressions – built to answer questions and satisfy certain curiosities.  Tapestries may be interpretations of my photographs, based on technique or materials that have inspired exploration, vague memories or visions, or an expression founded on my emotional response to visual imagery.  Occasionally I’ll work from a concept or a theme if it resonates sufficiently.









The materials on all three pieces are primarily metallic DMC embroidery floss, brass rings, and beads are included in the Interactive Basket.
The late Diane Itter was my inspiration to explore knotting, along with Joan Michaels Paque and some of the better known contemporary knotters.




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