Meet Darlyn Susan Yee

While reading the latest issue of Fiber Art Now I noticed a photo of knotted sculpture by Darlyn Susan Yee. After a bit of searching I was able to contact her. She kindly submitted images and information about herself for us to enjoy. The very best part of creating Macrame Collective has been the chance to see what other artists are creating.

From her Artist Statement -

I create fiber-based installations and figurative sculptures that weave common threads and open dialogs between diverse cultures. I reclaim, repurpose, up-cycle and assemble expected and unexpected materials using traditional techniques in a unique way. I create fiber sculpture using traditional methods of knotting, knitting, crochet, needlework, weaving, patchwork and assemblage, to convey contemporary themes, concepts and sensibilities.

My materials include cotton, wool, mohair, linen, lurex, barricade, correction, audio and video tape, cotton string and rope. I manipulate texture and form through style combinations including hand knitting and manually manipulated machine knitting techniques with crochet. I choose to work with these materials because of their unique properties and, in some cases, to give them second lives.



Knotted Sculpture

Although I’ve been creating containers in various media since childhood, for the last twelve years I’ve been stimulated by the textures that the knotting process yields. Through my study of the human form and character, I realized that we judge others by their appearances and attire, or their own personal containers. Fascinated its simplicity and raw beauty, I have chosen cotton fiber for this series.  Employing the basic knots, I’ve hand-built each piece knot by knot, just as one would shape or form a clay object. Utilizing the knot structures and fiber properties, I’ve encouraged the final shape of each unique sculpture.















Best known for her knotted sculptural artwork, Ms. Yee was included in 100 Artists of the West Coast II from Schiffer Books.

She has written the book Macramé Today: Contemporary Knotting Projects to share her passion for knotting.

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