Cavandoli Workshop was a Great Success

Fourteen Participants gathered at Moose Lake Resort near Bemidji, Minnesota to learn intermediate Cavandoli Knotting skills in May this year.

Marion Hunziker-Larsen (from Marion Jewels in Fiber) was the instructor and workshop participants arrived from Minnesota, California, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and South Dakota.

It was a two day workshop which reviewed basic Cavandoli Knotting then launched into more advanced techniques that included knotting around a wire armature, applying backing to pieces, interchanging colors, creating textures, carrying cord and finishing pieces.



Marion is a resource for information on cord, techniques and gave us great insight into planning pieces so that they are able to be repaired as needed, design, colors and history of this art form.









Everyone had fun learning together, sharing a potluck, sharing ideas and spending a weekend lakeside in lovely Northern Minnesota.  We look forward to having Marion back to teach us a technique for setting cabachons in fiber










This workshop was made possible with funding from the Region 2 Arts Council

and in kind donations from Caravan Beads

and Macrame Collective.

Enjoy some pictures highlighting our weekend together…

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