The Artisans of Mundial Treasures

I recently saw photos of some really interesting macrame bracelets and being the macrame addict that I am I just had to find the designers.  They are selling their work on Mundial Treasure’s.

So I contacted the store owners to tell us about the artists and here is their interview. 

Lucas is a 23 year old from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and his older brother Matias is 25.


When, and how did you get started in Macramé?


Lucas and Matias have been working as jewelry designers for the last seven years. They began their artisan lifestyle when their parents worked as craftsmen. This rare family art was passed down from parents to sons. At first, they worked side by side with their parents, then eventually branched off on their own when they had perfected of the art form. Lucas and Matias’s mother was the macramé artist. With her watchful eye they learned much from her. After some years, Matias and Lucas started traveling together. During their travels throughout South America they quickly learned that macramé was a great way to make money to fund their travels. Macramé is ideal to travel with because it is lightweight and small enough to carry around. After working with macrame for several years designing new pieces became second nature to them, just as it did with their parents. After making jewelry separately for some time, both Lucas and Matias started getting recognised for their talented work. Lucas and Matias became increasingly fascinated by the beauty of unique stones as they further developed as artisans. As Lucas and Matias travelled together they were continuously inspired by day to day life, and by people who admired their work.

What kept you inspired when times were tough and when motivation was low?


The two brothers jokingly explained that smoking a little marijuana helped them to break through some barriers. Lucas does not attempt new designs when not feeling inspired. Everyday life is their biggest inspiration. The rare moments, situations and unique characters that they meet every day is what truly inspire them. Matias feels similar about his inspirations, but and added that surfing, and ocean are what feeds creative process.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out as a jewellery maker?


Patience is the key to succeeding, says Lucas. Adapting a personal style that is derived from your own fashion sense is important. Trust your instincts, and be conscious of your personal style. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and different, says Lucas.

Learn new knots and try different techniques when creating new pieces. The two brothers believe not only in trying new things but also in actively seeking out new ideas. When finished one piece it is important to start a new one right away, says Matias.

What’s your favorite kind of art to work with, and why?


That’s a difficult question, says Matias. Both brothers agree that they enjoy a wide variety of art work. They like to paint when they are painting, and enjoy making macramé jewelry when working on macramé. Now, both brothers are working on a hotel in Ecuador creating a mosaic mural. They are covering the dome of the roof, and are having a lot of fun doing it. Matias feels especially tied surfing. It may not be considered art in the traditional sense, but really enjoys it. Matias firmly believes that without surfing there would be no inspiration for art.

How long can it take to make a macramé piece?


A small bracelet, that they make regularly, can take a couple of hours, but other, more extravagant pieces can take upwards to two weeks to make.




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